When Icarus Falls |


Diego MedianoVocals
Luis CordeiroGuitar
Yann CottierGuitar
Claude Humbert-DrozBass
Xavier GigandetDrums & Keys

When Icarus Falls |


When Icarus Falls came together in Lausanne in 2007, searching for a powerful, loud and bewitching sound. After two years of hard work, WIF asked Julien Fehlmann to record its first EP, Over The Frozen Seas. In April '09, WIF was signed by the swiss label Get a Life! Records for the release and distribution.

Simultaneously, WIF started a series of shows across Switzerland, playing with artists such as Red Sparowes, Zatokrev and Impure Wilhelmina. During April/May '10, WIF made its first tour across Europe, followed by additional live performances in Switzerland and France.

In March '11, WIF started to compose some new songs based on the work of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a famous psychiatrist who described the five stages of dying: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance; five steps defining the atmosphere of the five main songs of the new album, Aegean, recorded by Julien Fehlmann during Summer '11 and mixed by Raphael Bovey in December '11. WIF was signed in March '12 by the swiss label Headstrong music for the release and distribution of Aegean. One month later, the band was touring to promote Aegean throughout Europe, playing shows in Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium and France.

After quite a long composition phase, the band recorded a new EP during Summer '13, Circles, mixed and mastered by Raphael Bovey in November '13. Circles is the direct continuation of the previous albums, oscillating between hazy atmospheres reminding Over The Frozen Seas and heavy riffs echoing Aegean's grand final.